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Left out the cherry tomatoes and substituted onion powder for the sliced onions. Pork came out super tender and juicy.

I know I’ve had orzo before, but I’ve never actually purchased it myself. I first checked the pasta aisle, nope no orzo. Thought to myself, was I wrong? Is it a rice or other grain? So I checked the rice and specialty grain section…nope, not there either. Went back to the pasta section a second time, still not there. Maybe the health food market section has it? Yup, the organic, whole wheat kind. Well, at this point, guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Since I refrigerate my meals after cooking, I have started to store any liquid left in the slow cooker with the meat to help prevent it from getting dried out. For this meal, I divided the extra liquid between the meat and the orzo so they both would stay fresher. Really helped the orzo not be clumpy or super starchy and sticky when re-heated.