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Salisbury Steak

Super behind on posting recipes, so here are a bunch 🙂

Dinner on 1/29/14 was Salisbury Steak. Doubled the recipe so I could get at least 4 patties, though once I started forming them I got 5 patties out of the recipe. Substituted onion powder for the sliced onion. Also substituted cream of potato soup for the cream of mushroom soup. Served with Smart Taste Egg Noodles and left out the asparagus.


Husband said he was a little disappointed because dinner smelled like some nice hamburgers when I was cooking the patties and then it didn’t taste like hamburgers. Of course not, it’s Salisbury steak! I though the meal tasted good, though I would have preferred the original mushroom soup to the potato soup, but no shrooms in my husband’s food.