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Dinner on 2/2/14 was Pizzadillas.

Like I mentioned in my February menu post, I am going to start having some of our favorite recipes on Sundays to break up the slow cooker menu a bit. I’m sure this isn’t a totally original idea, but a while ago I was looking for something to cook for dinner and I was too lazy to do a real pizza and thought, why not pizza stuffed quesadillas?

1 8-count package soft flour tortillas
Pizza sauce
Shredded Parmesan cheese
Shredded Cheese (Italian, Pizza, Mozzarella)
Topping of choice (We use pepperoni)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Take one tortilla and spread with sauce, be sure not to over sauce or it will all leak out when cutting. Then layer your toppings: mini pepperonis, shredded cheese, regular pepperonis, and Parmesan. Take a second tortilla and spread with sauce, place this on top of the other tortilla you were working on, sauce side down. Repeat this for your other four pizzadillas.

I don’t have a set cook time for these. I guess 5-10 minutes. Basically wait for the tortilla to start to get crispy and you can see the insides melting.


Finished meal: