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Maple-Ginger Peach-Topped Waffles

Dinner for 2/1/14 was Maple-Ginger Peach-Topped Waffles.

Kept this recipe the same, even with the bacon side. Only change, I got two boxes of waffles instead of one. So before making this recipe I went online to research frozen waffles. Let me tell you, not a big fan of Eggo’s and I wasn’t sure what else was out there. After a bit of research, the conclusion was that Van’s Belgian Waffles were the best taste and texture wise, so I figured we would try those. They were not in my store’s normal frozen section, but actually in the health foods section. As far as frozen waffles go, these were great. If you cook them till they are slightly crisp, they taste like the waffle cones use with ice cream. Super tasty.


Finished meal:

Maple-Ginger Peach-Topped Waffles

Husband wound up not using any of the fruit topping…tasted too much like fruit for his taste. Oh well, more for me. Finished the stuff off a few days later with a large scoop of vanilla Greek yogurt. Also surprised at how the whipped cream came out. I’ve never had any luck making it before, but I did find my Kichenaid’s whisk beater which helped.