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February Menu

So, here is my menu for February. Still sticking with the crock-pot recipes for this month. Decided instead of using a crock-pot recipe on Sundays, I will be cooking one of our favorite recipes each week, so we don’t get bored with the menu or start craving things we used to eat. Thursdays will remain the one night a week we eat out for dinner. Planning on cooking for my husband’s birthday, though we will probably eat out on Valentine’s Day.

So far we are one month into the new year and our New Year’s resolutions. My husband had two sugar cheats (a slice of cake at a friend’s birthday party and a small milkshake) and I have three sugar cheats (a spoon of ice cream at a friend’s birthday party, a cupcake at work, and a small milkshake). To be fair, the milkshake was more of a reward than a cheat. I have lost my first 10 pounds since the new year and my husband is down 5 pounds. The combination of not eating sweets, taking a probiotic, not eating out but once a week and drinking a lot more water has not only helped us lose weight, but has mostly taken care of our IBS stomach problems.

Hope everyone else is finding the strength to stick with their resolutions.