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Turkey Fried Rice

Part two for the turkey tenderloins and rice. Left out the vegetable medley. Used all the turkey from the first part of the recipe and did two cups of rice in the rice cooker. Heated the skillet and let the oil get hot, then added the rice. Stirred in the whole packet of stir-fry seasoning then added the egg and soy sauce, then finally the turkey. Per taste, added in a bit more soy sauce at the end.

Got a fresh, pre-cut pineapple at the store. Made a little basting sauce out of balsamic vinegar, butter and brown sugar and grilled half the pineapple in the skillet. This made a really nice dessert.


Finished meal:

Turkey Fried Rice


We both really enjoyed the fried rice. My husband doesn’t like pineapples, so he didn’t have any. Since I’m not eating a lot of sweets, this is the sweetest thing I’ve eaten this year and it was so good 🙂