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Tangy Turkey Tenderloins

This is another two part recipe. I was very disappointed with the grocery store this week. They only had four turkey tenderloins in stock and three of the four containers were damaged, letting air and other “stuff” into the meat containers. So I was stuck using the only undamaged tenderloin which was 28 ounces. Because of this, I couldn’t double the recipe like normal, and that meant a lot less meat per each half. I added a little extra cream cheese and soy sauce, when it was done cooking.

From the last time I made the mistake, I did remember to read the recipe this time and see that the cream cheese is added at the end. Don’t accidentally add it in the beginning.


When I was pulling the turkey out of the crock pot it started falling apart, don’t know how you would get some nice tenderloin medallions out of this, but it did shred nice and easy for the part two recipe. As I thought, the turkey did not look like enough to make two recipes out of, so I wound up shredding it all for use in the next recipe. It did taste wonderful by itself though.