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Chicken Florentine

My husband has told me that mushrooms are off the list, so I left those out of the recipe. He was willing to try spinach though. I still used the 2 tbsp of butter and once the skillet was nice and warm, cooked the spinach in the butter for 2 min. My husband prefers boneless chicken, so I got two boneless chicken breasts totaling 1.6 lbs. I cut each of the breasts in half and placed atop the cooked spinach in the slow cooker. I used a 15 oz jar of Alfredo sauce instead of a 10.5 oz jar.

I forgot to include it in the picture, but we are using Smart Taste pasta (http://ronzonismarttaste.newworldpasta.com/). After trying several alternatives to regular pasta, this is the one we like the best. It doesn’t have the grainy texture the whole wheat pasta usually does and it has the extra fiber our diets are usually lacking.


Husband really enjoyed the meal, even the spinach. Apparently the butter and Alfredo sauce is a good mask for unfamiliar vegetables. After eating it myself, I have to agree. The spinach had good flavor, the sauce went really well with the noodles and the chicken was tender and flavorful.