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Four-Cheese Ravioli

First pasta dish of the new year and I have definitely been craving some pasta. I could not find any refrigerated marinara sauce, so I used my normal canned pasta sauce (24oz can). I used a 20 oz package of refrigerated four cheese ravioli. Due to doubling the ravioli and adding some other extras the 24oz of pasta sauce and 8oz of tomato sauce was not quite enough to cover everything, so I did add some more sauce I had leftover from an earlier meal in the refrigerator.

In addition to the pasta sauce, tomato sauce, and ravioli, I used some parmesan cheese, oregano, and parsley to add some additional flavor to the dish. I also had some left over pork sausages that I sliced up and added. My husband really doesn’t do well without meat in his meals and when I was at the store they didn’t have a meat variety of ravioli.

For the side dish I got some frozen Texas cheese bread instead of garlic bread. It looked better than the other choices available.

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Finished meal:


A friend asked how the pasta in the recipe held up since she doesn’t like over cooked pasta. I tasted it right out of the slow cooker and the pasta had the right doneness for me. My husband ate it for dinner and said it tasted awesome when he re-heated it. Might just depend on the type of pasta (dry vs. refrigerated) and how long you cook it for whether or not it gets over cooked. This recipe was 3 hours on low with refrigerated pasta and the pasta was fine.