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Pulled Pork

This recipe is a two-parter. Using the extra pork from today’s recipe for enchiladas tomorrow. Because of that I got a 4.2 lb roast. Decided to switch out the sirloin roast for a butt roast due to the price difference. I also used onion powder instead of the sliced sweet onion. As the recipe recommended, I switched the Mojo Criollo marinade for light Italian dressing. Cooking the yellow rice, but leaving out the black beans and cilantro.


Finished meal:

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This time around I cooked the yellow rice in the microwave. First time I’ve ever cooked rice that way, it actually turned out really well. For some reason the rice cooker does white rice great, but I haven’t figured out all the water conversions on other types of rice yet. Pork was tender, though still a little difficult to shred. Overall, a flavorful meal.