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Teriyaki Beef

One of my family’s favorite foods whether homemade or eating out is teriyaki meat and rice/noodles. Today we are having teriyaki beef and white rice.

Using about 2 lbs of top round steak, slicing as thin as I can get it. Sprinkling each layer is the slow cooker with onion powder, in place of the sliced onion and peppers. Topping with the teriyaki sauce. Using my rice cooker for the rice. Leaving out the broccoli and spring rolls.

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Finishing the cooking:


Decided for a little extra flavor to throw the already cooked white rice, the teriyaki beef, and some of the sauce left over from the slow cooker into the frying pan.

Finished meal:

Teriyaki Beef

Super delicious. The flavoring was great, I think the onion powder and teriyaki worked well together, and the beef was really tender. My husband loved it. Like I mentioned above, there was some leftover sauce from cooking, so I am storing it in case I need some au jus sauce another time. It was really flavorful.