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Chicken Thighs and Brown Rice

Today is chicken and rice. The recipe calls for bone-in chicken thighs. The ones I got still had the skin, so I removed it to make the recipe slightly healthier. I used almost 2 lbs of chicken prior to the skin being removed. Doubled the rice to a cup. Since there was extra rice I needed extra liquid and used a little more brother, cream and wine. Not a big fan of buttermilk, so I substituted heavy whipping cream.

I did not make the side dish.


Finished meal:

Chicken Thighs and Brown Rice

Mixed feelings on the meal. We both really enjoyed the chicken. It was nice and tender, though it needed some more salt. I though the rice tasted a little under cooked as it had some graininess to it. My husband thought it was over cooked and mushy. Apparently I need to tweak the rice in crock-pot portion a little more.