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Chipotle Pork Chops

So, for now I’m working on eating better and will worry about portion control later. In most cases, recipes will have additional meat than what is recommended.

For this recipe, I went from 2 bone-in pork chops to 4 bone-in pork chops. I also don’t want a lot of ingredients around the house I won’t be using again or that often, so instead of Mango Chipotle salad dressing, I went with Italian salad dressing and doubled it from 1/3c to 2/3c due to doubling the meat.

For the side dishes, I’m not really big on vegetables, so while I know I’ll work them in sooner or later, I left the broccoli out. I also substituted yellow rice for wild rice since I am going to be using my rice cooker.


And here’s the final result:

Italian Chicken

We both enjoyed it. The pork chops were super tender. The rice did do well in the rice cooker, but I think a little extra water would have reduced the stickiness of the rice.